Monday, December 19, 2011

December Events in Mexico

The Mexico Report relays that Mexico is particularly festive during the month of December and lists some December deals and events in Mexico for travelers' and expats' enjoyment.

Guadalajara’s International Book Festival Attracts 659,000 Visitors

"The Guadalajara International Book Fair is the most important publishing gathering in Ibero-America today. The University of Guadalajara, Mexico created the book fair 25 years ago in order to create an international forum for professionals in the publishing industry and the general public alike, a unique characteristic that sets it apart from other book fairs around the globe." Read more about this cultural gem of a festival that takes place in Guadalajara every year. 

Beautiful Puerto Vallarta Photos

Paradise, you can almost taste it with these photos of Puerto Vallarta from the landlopers blog. Take look at the blog for more beautiful photos of what awaits your retirement in Puerto Vallarta.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Number of American Retirees in Mexico?

Picture source: BoomersDestinations 
If you guessed close to 2 million American retirees in Mexico, you'd be right. Latin American Herald Tribune Americans reports that this number continues to increase as more retirees discover the gorgeous climate and favorable economic conditions. Tourism Secretary Gloria Guevara notes that the most popular regions for retirement in Mexico include Mexico’s northwestern states and its coastal towns.

Gift Guide for Retired Expats

Choosing what gifts to give friends and family members can be a difficult task. For those with expats or potential expats in your life, Expat Info Desk has an expat gift guide that should not be missed.

A particularly great suggestion is the gift of frequent flyer miles, airline gift cards, and airport lounge memberships, and travel friendly toiletries. A gift like one of these helps ease the burden of traveling and can reunite those families and friends that don't live close to the expats.

Make sure to get the retired expat on your list something special ;).

Tulum Seen as a Destination for Tourists and Celebrities

The beautiful landscape of Tulum, Mexico is instrumental in attracting visors of all sorts, it's no surprise that a high number of tourists and celebrities s are flocking to this destination. MexicoToday writes about the scenery and archaeological ruins that make Tulum a place of intrigue for visitors.

Beautiful Pictures of Mexico and Culture

Photo credit: Louis Montrose 
The Travel Photographer of the Year, Louis Montrose from California, was awarded for his photographs of a Burkino Faso village and the day of the dead festival in Mexico (Día de Muertos). His portfolio offers other beautiful pictures of Mexico, be sure to check out the portfolios section on his official site.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Activities in Mexico City and Oaxaca for December

MexicoToday covers the beat on Christmas time in Mexico City and Oaxaca- tourist sites and traditional food eaten during the holidays.

List of Events in Mazatlán for the 2011 Cultural Festival

Photo credit: 
The 2011 Cultural Festival in Mazatlán runs from November - December and showcases music, dance, opera as well as visual art exhibits. All About Mazatlán lists out the different festivities that retirees and expats can check out at the festival. This looks like a fantastic list of events.

Cabo Riviera Oceanfront Resort Community in Los Cabos

Cabo Riviera is one of the most beautiful oceanfront resort communities in Mexico.  Located in Los Cabos on the Sea of Cortez, Cabo Riviera has become the home for many retirees wanting to enjoy oceanfront living. Los Cabos is a perfect location for many marine activities including diving, snorkeling, and underwater photography. Whale watching is also a common activity in the area.

Video - House Options in Mazatlán

The video above takes you through some housing options in Mazatlán, Mexico through the eyes of a retiree.

Friday, December 2, 2011

La Casa del Capitan restaurant

La Casa del Capitan restaurant, located in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico, has one of the most beautiful views and some of the best authentic Mexican food in all of Mexico. Their specialties include delectable shrimp and other sea food dishes.

Photo Credit: MexiOnline

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Video: Retiring in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Watch this video from which follows one couple's journey to retiring to Mexico.

Doctors and Other Medical Resources in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo

Cabo Therapy
Catalina Considine, Bilingual Psychologist
50 Min. Session $200 pesos
San Jose del Cabo - Tel: (624) 144-6465

Clinica de San Jose (Nun's Hospital)
Private hospital with compassionate care
Barco S/N, Col. Chamizal
San Jose del Cabo - Tel: (624) 142-0260

Dr. Alejandro Velderrain
Marina casi esq. Barco, Col. Chamizal
San Jose del Cabo - Tel: (624) 142-3031

Dra. Maria Elena Velderrain
Marina casi esq. Barco, Col. Chamizal
San Jose del Cabo - Tel: (624) 142-3031

Dr. Pedro Velderrain
Ultrasound specialist
Marina casi esq. Barco, Col. Chamizal
San Jose del Cabo - Tel: (624) 146-9544

For more information visit