Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lake Chapala: Huge New Expat Spot

Via International Living:

Lake Chapala, Mexico, is arguably the easiest place in the world to adjust to life as an expat. This area offers all the charm you love about Mexico…but with the U.S.-style conveniences and support systems to make your transition a snap.

This article talks about how easy it is to get settled in and accustomed to Lake Chapala, due to the amount of English-speaking retirees that have retired here. As the International Living states, "You'll have no trouble getting by in English. You’ll make friends and acquaintances just walking down the cobblestoned streets of little pueblos like Ajijic, Chapala, and San Juan Cosala, all of which lie on the lake’s well-populated North Shore."

Click here to read more about the charm, combined with ease and convenience that Lake Chapala offers.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Bahía at Lake Chapala in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Lake Chapala, in the Riviera Nayarit region is a lake that stretches 60 miles and is framed by towns and villages which in turn are surrounded by what many refer to as 'majestic mountains.' Although the view is impressive, many people flock to the region for retirement due to the temperate climate of the area.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Great New Web Site for News on Mexico

Marca País – Imagen de México presented a new web site yesterday called that covers all the latest current events in Mexico including information on economy, tourism, culture, the environment and other topics. Retire in Mexico: The Riviera Nayarit Experience will be partnering with the site, in order to bring the most relevant news on retirement in Mexico to you. Check it out by visiting the site today.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Inside a Supermarket in Campeche, Mexico

If you've ever wondered what a supermarket in Mexico might look like, this is a great video to watch. If you're concerned about feeling at home or not being familiar with the food products that Mexico has to offer, it may be a good idea to visit the bigger supermarkets where the prices are nicely placed and the feel is much more American than a smaller, local grocer.

Loreto, Mexico: Where the Desert Meets the Sea

Loreto is a fabulous place to relax and enjoy the plentiful natural wildlife around you, as well as the scenic setting of the village. In this video, one Loreto native talks about how people come to Loreto and "are transformed", inspired by the offering of wildlife and natural beauty that is second to none. What Jacques Costeau called, "The Aquarium of the World," Loreto is one of the top kayaking destinations on the planet, as well as for whale watching, among other don't need binoculars to see all of the wildlife that's present here...

Campeche, Mexico: A Colonial Gem on the Sea

Here is a wonderful video, courtesy of International Living, with a detailed description of Campeche, for anyone interested in seeing what this beautiful city is like.

Ensenada, Mexico: One Man's Travels

This morning, an article was posted on the Los Angeles Times about one man's travels into Enseñada, Mexico this past weekend. He speaks of the his day-trip filled with music, spirits and authentic Mexican foods, as he crosses the border and describes a day in the life of a traveler in that region of Mexico.

Discovering the Village of Tepoztlán, Mexico

Tepoztlán, pictured here, has been fascinating strangers for a long time...first there were missionaries and conquistadores and now tourists, movie stars like Angelina Jolie and holistic healers. One of the things that's singular about Tepoztlán, Mexico is the deeply rooted Aztec culture and it's proximity to the larger cities of Mexico City and Cuernavaca.

"If it weren't for the influx of big-city sophisticates every weekend, you'd never guess that Mexico City is just beyond the mountains, 47 miles north, or that Cuernavaca, the language-school capital of Mexico, is 11 miles south." Read this article explaining the story behind Tepoztlán, Mexico and what it's like in modern days.

New Tubohotel in Mexico: Chic and Comfortable Camping

This unique hotel, called Tubohotel or "Tube Hotel" in English is an innovative hotel located in the middle of an orchard, in the village of Tepoztlán, Mexico. It's perfect for taking the family on a camping trip in style. With full amenities and a beautifully landscaped setting, it can make even the most skeptic ready to go camping.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Basilica de Nuestra Señora Guadalupe: Top Travel Destination

Did you know that Mexico is "a top travel destination for members of the Catholic faith?" It just so happens that the Basilica de Nuestra Señora Guadalupe is the number one religious tourism destination of the world for Catholics and believers, the number of visitors exceeding that of the Vatican, Fatima in Portugal and Lourdes in France.

It turns out that Mexico has also been chosen as the latest host of the VII World Congress on the Pastoral Care of Tourism. The Mexican Ambassador to the Holy See, Hector Frederick Ling Altamirano, said, regarding the VII World Congress, “It is no doubt an important event, which recognizes the importance of Mexico in this field, particularly in the so-called religious tourism.”

Go to for the full details on this exciting event for Mexico and the catholic faith.

Cuernavaca: The City of Eternal Spring

Photo courtesy of Virtual Tourist

This city known for having one of the best climates in Mexico, is a beautiful place of approximately 340,000 inhabitants. Due to it's close proximity to Mexico City and all that it has to offer in terms of landscape and architecture, it has become one of the first choices for Americans looking to retire abroad.

Being one of the best places to retire in Mexico, Cuernavaca boasts a quality health care system that has a widespread network of English-speaking physicians where a typical office consultation is about US$40-$70. Nearby Mexico city (77 mi.) has several 5-star Hospitals...Click here for

San Miguel de Allende: Mexico's Colonial Gem

Not only is this 16th century mountain town a treat for anyone going to visit (the city boasts old colonial charm while offering every modern convenience), this article by International Living, suggests that it's the place where you'll find it the easiest to transition into expat life - "hands down."

The article describes San Miguel de Allende very well: "Colonial buildings, lovingly restored, line the town’s main streets, and beautiful churches and squares are around every corner, [where you'll also find] excellent restaurants, superb arts and crafts, and a temperate climate that’s hard to beat." Not only that, but it's easy to get by speaking English in the town, due to the community of foreign retirees already settled there.

The town is, as one San Miguel retiree refers to it, "an intriguing blend of serious and fun.”

CBS News: Americans Retiring to Sunny Mexico

Watch what retirees have said about retirement in Mexico...why they choose to make the move, and how easy it is to grow accustomed to living south of the border.

World's 10 Best Beachfront Hotels

All expats that have relocated to Mexico to enjoy the sun, sand and friendly culture, agree that one of the first steps to take before moving is to go on vacation and explore the country, before coming to a final decision. For that same reason, many choose to a hotel close to their preselected area of Mexico in order to get a better idea of what living there will be like.

What are your thoughts? What were your first steps before deciding to move to Mexico and where did you stay in order to get a snapshot of Mexico living? I'd love to hear about it.

Cities in Mexico Retirement Guide

Most Americans flock to Mexico due to its close proximity to the U.S. and for the beautiful weather year-around. It's also well-known that with such a large community of American and other English-speaking expats, it's very easy to pass on just English.

The reality is that Mexico is a place of unmatched cuisine, culture and lovely people. Here is a guide to Mexican Cities that will show you a map with a brief description of the city so you can decide on which places would suit you best.

I hope it's useful and feel free to leave me your comments!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Important Tips to Safely Beat the Heat

With excessive heat warnings in effect this week for more than 30 states, health officials fear that susceptible older Americans may be at risk for illness or death. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 40 percent of heat-related deaths occur in those 65 and older, and men account for two-thirds of these deaths in all age groups.

Here are some very important tips via AARP for anyone that's going to be in hot areas of the Americas this summer.

Campeche: Carnival!

Courtesy of International Living, here is a video that explains what Carnival is like in the city of Campeche, Mexico. It also covers the wide variety of food and fresh produce you can find in the city for very inexpensive prices.

Flan: A Historically Mexican Dessert

Flan, by Daniel Wheeler, 2011

If you are living in Mexico, whether it be a few weeks out of the year, or have moved there permanently, and are expecting to receive guests, one thing you have to learn how to make (and it's amazingly easy) is Mexican flan. Originating from Spain, where it is also considered a traditional national dish, this smooth but rich gelatin-like textured dessert is a simple, healthy delight in Mexico. Read more about it here.

5 Great Public Golf Courses in Mexico

Read this interesting article that lists more affordable options for golfers that would like to enjoy the beautiful weather and quality golfing while getting the most bang for your buck. Here is a list of different locations throughout Mexico with in-depth descriptions of the courses, helpful links, and of course, rates.

"Loving New Retired Life in Mexico"

An American expat retired in Mexico, tells her story of retirement abroad and how she found the perfect place that keeps her happy and healthy in her retirement years. Her name is Pat Cornwell, and at 74 she can proudly say that she has made an important leap to health and happiness in Mexico: "In 2005, Pat [...] bought an affordable three-story house in Coatepec, Mexico, a small coffee-growing town about an hour west of the Gulf of Mexico. There, she says, she’s able to enjoy a slower life with less distraction. “I have time for friends, reading, gardening and health, though not in that order.”

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cancun Mexico: Baby Boomers Retire to 5-Star Resorts

“We could have retired comfortably in the U.S.”, says one retiree, 67, “But we live four to five times better down here (in Cancun).”

It seems that for many seniors, now retiring is about finding the right value destination: a place that is not only more inexpensive but that includes good medical resources and also supports healthy living in the same way you would expect it at home. The new trend seems to be vacation resorts that also provide condo-ownership opportunities. This is the ideal setting for Baby Boomers, leaving them with all of the necessary amenities of a home, with an improved location and less things to worry about. It also happens to fit better the needs of the owners, and the rest of the family members when visiting.

Check out the full article on

Viva La Lucha Event at ComicCon San Diego this July 22

This Friday, July 22, there will be a live event with lucha legends LA Park and Konnan teaming up with a spectacular 3rd generation star Hijo De Rey Misterio who will battle with three Americans, including Adam Pearce, former NWA Worlds Champion. "Seven years since Viva La Lucha ran a live event in San Diego, CA., Viva La Lucha returns" for just one night to remember all of the incredible lucha libre action in the past years.

Paul Strand on Display in El Paso Museum of Art

This past June, The El Paso Museum of Art announced that the Paul Strand exhibit was coming to Texas, opening to the public last June 12th. The exhibit is considered a unique and important photographic portrait of Mexico at a critical point in its history, as seen through the eyes of the talented American photographer.

Quality of Life in Mexico: How Does it Compare to the U.S.?

All of us can imagine a vacation in Mexico...but can you imagine what it's like to live in Mexico for an extended period of time? Do you know that the quality of life is quite comparable to that of the U.S. and the U.K.? Let's take a look at this article on this Mexico Today website that tells us how Mexicans rate their quality of life.

Americans Confirm That Travel to Mexico is Safe

We all know the sheer amount of news that is being emitted on the Mexican drug wars is hard to tune out. But while this kind of news dominates American media, normal life continues in the majority of Mexico. For instance, San Miguel de Allende is reported to be particularly safe, with many Americans traveling to San Miguel de Allende in search of tranquility, colonial architecture and rich culture. Read the testimonials of the new American expats and visitors in San Miguel de Allende and find out why they feel Mexico is a very safe place.

Mexico Collects Prestigious Travel Awards

Mexico has proven one more time that it deserves it's spot as number one tourist destination for Americans and other nationalities. Four of Mexico’s premier resorts and hotels won honors at the prestigious Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards. Based on readers’ survey, where the best destinations from all over the world, including islands, cities, spas, hotels, and even safaris were rated, Rancho La Puerta, in Tecate, Baja California, was named the best destination spa in the world.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Durango-Mazatlán Highway Expected to Open in 2012

Recently, Dionisio Pérez Jácome, Mexico’s Communications and Transportation Secretary, said that the new Durango-Mazatlán highway is “80% completed” and “on schedule to be opened in the second half of next year” (2012) (Milenio online, 15 July 2011).

A new 1.2 billion dollar highway between Durango and Mazatlán, with four-lanes stretching across 230 kilometers, will greatly reduce the travel time between the two cities. It's a missing piece that will make the current 5 hour-long journey, much faster, easier and efficient.

The Hidden Gem of Baja: Mexican Wines

Check out this video where travel journalist Peter S. Greenburg takes a look at the over 24 wineries spread over 200 miles of land in the Valle de Guadalupe, what many don't realize is even there when visiting Baja California.

Dream Home in Mexico City, Mexico

Check out this beautiful home in Mexico City that boasts being beautiful and functional. A dream home abroad.

Four Seasons in Punta Mita, Riviera Nayarit

Did you know that the laid-back, authentically charming town of Punta Mita has a Four Seasons? This was the hotel to start the luxury boom along the 100-mile coast north of Puerto Vallarta known as the Rivieria Nayarit. I had no idea either, and the fact is they do a very good job of making it fit right into the relaxed atmosphere. So, for casual luxury with a side of sophistication, this could be your place to visit Riviera Nayarit for the first time.

Retired in Mexico: How to Plant a Beautiful Mexican Garden

If you're retired in Mexico and thinking of starting a garden, here is a great link to a gallery of plants that will grow strong in the Mexican climate as well as be a beautiful addition to your home.

Assisted Living in Mexico: Health Care Haven

Take a sneak peek into a wonderful assisted living center in Mexico where seniors have the option of independent or assisted living. In this retirement home, people can transition from independent living, with a host of optional services, to assisted living, with a range of medical and service choices that suit their needs. There's even a nutritionist that creates special diets for each senior. The best part is that the same level of care in Mexico much cheaper than in the U.S....Watch the video for more

Friday, July 15, 2011

Interactive Map of the State of Nayarit

This interactive map of Riviera Nayarit will give you a greater perspective on what the Riviera Nayarit region is like. Especially if you want to get to know those cities less traveled, click on the cities and towns in blue and you'll be taken to an informative article with all the history, culture and practical information you'd ever want to know.

Travel and Leisure's World's Best Awards

Check out this amazing list of world's best awards 2011, courtesy of travel and leisure magazine, that will show you the best hotels, cities, cruises, islands, family hotels, and spas in the world. For the 16th year in a row, the magazine has successfully listed all the must-be places in the world!

Which are your favorites? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Guanajuato City - Mexico's Second World Heritage Site

Guanajuato City, Mexico, decreed a city in 1741 by King Phillip V of Spain, was declared a “World Heritage Zone” by UNESCO in 1988 and holds a wealth of attractions for the visitor. It is one of those cities that is perfect for seeing on foot: "The narrow, winding streets are lined with old colonial structures and wrought iron balconies, fountains and plazas, and romantic nooks and crannies that can only be fully appreciated by close inspection."

Take a closer look at what this colonial city, one of the prettiest in all of Latin America, has to offer.

Camino Real de Tierra Adentro - World Heritage Site

Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, also known as the Silver Route, was used as a trade route for 300 years, and was responsible in many ways for creating a sociocultural bind between Spanish and Amerindian cultures. It consists of 55 sites and extends from Mexico City into the U.S. Read about why this route is so important to Mexican culture and how you can visit it.

1st Arts and Craft Fair in Oaxaca, Mexico

Photo courtesy of planeta

Among the wide variety of events in Oaxaca this July is an arts and crafts fair, starting tomorrow, July 16th, that will offer a variety of things to see like typical clothing from the region and silver jewelry.

Renting Versus Buying a Home in Mexico

It's a prospect that plagues many considering moving to Mexico and that is whether to buy or to rent. The upside of renting? You have no commitment to the home you've chosen and can be a good deal since you do not incur in a financial investment of any kind. The flip side is that buying in Mexico has great advantages...Click here for more reasons to buy and rent.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

World Travel Awards - Ready to Vote?!

Click here to vote in the world travel awards - world (and Mexico-U.S.) travelers welcome to vote for a variety of awards, such as leading hotel brand, leading airline and responsible tourism award - make sure to take a look at the official website where you can check out pictures and quotes from the ceremony. Last call for Central America is September 7th, 2011

The Sunsets of Puerto Vallarta

Banderas Bay is a part of Riviera Nayarit that is host to beautiful sunsets all year around.

New Trend: Chocolate Travel

Downtown landmarks of Oaxaca include the Ex Convento de Santo Domingo, a spectacular historical church, Museo Regional de Oaxaca, showcasing the Zapotec, Mixtec, and Olmec civilizations and Catedral Metropolitana, the largest church in the city, among other amazing places to visit. But lately, not only can you tour the city, but you can tour the chocolate.

Click here to read about Chocolate tasting tours in Oaxaca...anything from informal dégustation to taking a chocolate cruise and get a taste of the most authentic chocolate, straight from it's homeland.

Falling in Love with Mexico

Watch this woman's inspiring story on the journey that started decades ago with an internship to study in Mexico that has ended in a 40 year love story with the culture, the people and the literature of Mexico.

Wave Riding in Riviera Nayarit

I've spoken many times about how relaxing Riviera Nayarit's beaches are for adults, seniors and kids alike. Here is a video that the younger generations are sure to appreciate - showing the big waves they can catch as surfers in Riviera Nayarit.

Mexico's Coconuts: Beat the Heat

Did you know that heart disease is absent among people that consume coconut on a regular basis? Check out this article from Mexico Connect that explains how you can enjoy a Mexican coconut as a flavorful way to beat the heat this summer.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cancun Film Festival Takes Off with Hollywood Stars

Katie Holmes, Adam Sandler, Cameron Diaz, Daniel Craig and Sofia Vergara who were among the Hollywood stars promoting their movies at the Cancun Film Festival this week...they showed up in style to the premier of their movies, proving that Mexico is a safe destination.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Time Paying Taxes in Mexico

As this article states, if you're an expat in Mexico, the taxes you’ll pay will end up depending on your situation: "If you own property in Mexico you’ll have real estate taxes. If you rent out that property or own a business, have a job, or have interest-bearing bank accounts, you’ll owe income tax"..."Even if you have none of these, you’ll still pay sales tax at shops and value-added tax when you eat out at restaurants."

Either way, it's a very good idea to find an international tax specialist that will guide you through your first tax experience abroad.

Click here to read more about this very real necessity before making a big move overseas.

Whale Watching On Way Towards the Marieta Islands

Here is a fun video that will show you some of the sites to see (like whales) from the boats that go to Marieta Islands in Banderas Bay, Mexico.

"How and Why We Moved to Mexico"

If you're looking for an in-depth article with tons of great information on moving to Mexico, this is it. This article recounts the real-life experience of one couple that moved to Mexico and found happiness. But first, they did their homework. Take advantage of what they've learned and share with us, by reading this insightful, accurate blog post.

Mexico City "On the Move"

Check out this video on the improvements Mexico is making in transportation infrastructure in order to improve sustainability in one of the largest cities in the world.

Beautiful Views of Riviera Nayarit's Beaches

Watch this video to get a feel for the tranquility and breathtaking beauty of Riviera Nayarit's beaches and weather.

Happy Vacationers in Mexico

Mexico is still as safe as ever, even though the drug war is affecting Mexico's delicate image in the media. Recently, at a travel industry fair in Las Vegas, Calderon tried to convince American tour operators that tourists were safe in Mexico.

'Tourism has been absolutely untouched by the clashes,' says Lee Kraft, German honorary consul in the Acapulco district of Guerrero. 'It is really sad - the negative headlines make people forget that the Mexicans are full of life, show great hospitality and are very likable. Nothing about this has changed.'

It's true. It has been said many times before that the tourist areas of Mexico are safe, and go unaffected by the violence at the border. There are plenty of tourists that still travel to Mexico and have the same experience they would in any other conditions. Click here to read the entire article and please leave me your comments below.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rare Archaeological Collection Coming to Mexico City in 2012

Coming to Mexico City in 2012 is a new collection from the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico City which expects to be the host to approximately 300 pieces. "The pieces showcase Aztatlan culture from 200 to 1350 AD and feature ceramic objects, shell and greenstone beads, copper rattles and travertine zoomorphic urns." The artist, donating the pieces is located in Riviera Nayarit. According to archaeologist Mauricio Garduño Ambriz, from Nayarit INAH Center, “This information will allow completing the scheme about religious conceptions and ritual practices linked to the Aztatlan ceremonial complex of the Post Classic period."

Click here to view the full article.

The Best Countries for Retiring Abroad - New Tool

The Best Countries for Retiring Abroad - Encore - SmartMoney:

Here is a great new tool called the "Expat Explorer" that is the "largest independent global survey of expats" based on the feedback from 4,100 expats in more than 100 countries. The potential expat looking for information can search for 3 criteria on the country you want to learn more about: Economics, Experience and Offspring.

Click here to read the article on this new, innovative tool.

Riviera Nayarit Blog Español: Trivia en Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit Blog Español: Trivia en Riviera Nayarit

Could you name the place that this picture was taken in the Riviera Nayarit region?

Please leave your answer below, whether you have just an inkling of an idea or go there every summer :)

Rosa Mexicano: Gold Standard of Mexican Cuisine

In the states and missing Mexico?

Here's event information for a Mexican-style clambake this week, starting as soon as July 13, in different locations across the U.S. As the web site suggests,"Dig into a selection of our fresh Clambake flavors, classic favorites and famous cocktails. Mingle with our chefs and experts and put your chile knowledge to the test. Reservations are required so make sure to go to their website for details. As they say in Spanish, ¡Que aproveche!

"Americans Should Know Much of Mexico is Safe"

Punta de Mita Photos
This photo of Punta de Mita is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Read this account of the real Mexico, courtesy of a resident who is now living in beautiful Punta de Mita, Mexico, in the Riviera Nayarit region,'saddened by all of the negative media stories about Mexico.' The stories, in general, are very misleading and don't explain the reality of this beautiful country- one of the best countries to retire in in the world.

Saving Social Security: Raising Taxes vs. Cutting Benefits

Read this WSJ blogger's opinion on Smart Money how the government should save social security from being cut in order to save the National Debt Limit.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mexico: A Traveler's Literary Companion

Here is a wonderful literary companion that will delight anyone interested in reading about what Mexico really offers its visitors.

Mexico has long been the top travel destination for Americans, due to its beautiful beaches, warm weather, friendly people, interesting cultural and historic sites, affordability and convenient geographic location. "Mexico: A Traveler's Literary Companion" is a wonderful book that gives a complete scope of stories written by 'some of Mexico's finest contemporary writers of fiction and literary prose.' It's the first time that stories have been translated to English , so check it out and get your hands on this new, must-have travel companion.

Tip: Why not wait to read it in Mexico? You'd get a much richer view of what the book talks about.

Report: Crime Rates in Some States Higher than On U.S.-Mexico Border

In conjunction with my last post on myths about travel in Mexico, I found an article that takes information from El Paso Times that confirms that Mexico is safe, even at the border-- something few have been saying recently. The data shown points out that U.S. cities are, on average, much more unsafe and that cities and towns near the border of Mexico "have some of the lowest crime rates in the nation".

Read this article that breaks down the details of the El Paso Times report.

Top Myths About Travel in Mexico

There is a long list of myths surrounding Mexico, that most people easily believe out of lack of knowing better. Those that have been to and traveled around Mexico, prove that the cliches that Mexico is dirty, unsafe and has poor infrastructure are untrue. Mexico has invested millions of dollars over the past few years to improve the general living conditions in many areas. Read this article on the myths about travel in Mexico.

Isla Mujeres by Golf Cart

Did you know that it's extremely popular to drive in and around Isla Mujeres by golf cart? If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Golf carts are affordable to rent, easy to drive and do not require a license recognized by the state of Mexico. The best part? A golf cart allows its driver and passengers to enjoy the warm temperatures of the isla as well as increased mobility, as it's easier to drive, park and move from. Take a look at this list of Youtube videos where travelers give us an idea on what the driving -- and the beautiful isla -- is like.

How Mexico Attracted 5 Million U.S. Retirees Last Year


Last year, Mexican President Calderon, made statements that he was proposing the expansion of retirement benefits and medical tourism to U.S. citizens in Mexico, in an attempt to attract millions of American retirees.

In 2010, Mexico’s ambassador to the U.S., Arturo Sarukhan, told Miami Herald columnist, Andres Oppenheimer, “It’s one of the pillars of our plans to trigger economic and social well-being in both countries. We will be seeking to increasingly discuss this issue in coming months and years.” Over a million U.S. citizens already live in Mexico and it's expected that the number could grow to be five million in 2025, according to estimates based on U.S. Census figures.

Increasingly, hospitals are receiving certification by the U.S. Joint International Commission that certify that they meet U.S. Standards. Here's a list of hospitals that have already been certified. Click here for the full list.

Hospitals certified by the U.S. Joint International Commission:

American British Cowdray Medical Center IAP Observatorio Campus
Mexico City
Accredited December 6, 2008

American British Cowdray Medical Center IAP Sante Fe Campus
Mexico City
Accredited December 12, 2008

Christus Muguerza Alta Especialidad
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Accredited July 22, 2007

Clinica Cumbres Chihuahua
Chihuahua, Chihuahua
Accredited April 23, 2008

Learning Spanish in Mexico

As this article mentions, the most difficult part of learning Spanish in Mexico is choosing among the myriad options. There are many schools to choose from, depending on where you decide to stay, and all cater to the non-Spanish speaker, making the registration process easy.

There is also, for those that are open-minded, the option of staying with a family, that will be a huge help with learning the language as well as a great cultural experience since you're able to see the day to day and how real Mexicans live. This is an ideal choice for those children or grandchildren that are serious about finally learning Spanish.

Click here to read about all of the options for those interested in taking on Spanish.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Interesting Article: "Why, Where and How North Americans Relocate"

I came across this article and thought it would be perfect to share with my followers. It's one of the best articles I've seen on the subject, going into full detail about towns in Mexico that are popular with North American tourists and why. During the cold winter months, up to 700,000 retirees will travel to Mexico to soak in the sun and the smiles (Mexico is a very friendly country). Although many travelers are snowbirds, a large population of retirees are permanent residents that enjoy the tropical climate and increased affordability all year around. See what is valuable information for anyone looking into creating a new retirement haven abroad.

Ranking of 12 Overseas Retirement Spots

U.S. News is one of my favorite sources for news on retirement abroad, since it offers real advice as to what living in specific countries can cost and how equipped your new retirement spot will be. This article has several charts with information that's important to know if you're moving to another location overseas. It compares weather with infraestructure, and even how well you can get by with just English.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

U.S. Expats Unite to Promote Baja

U.S. expatriates living in Baja are giving their beautiful region a makeover. The Baja Image Committee has been created by local residents and plans to dispel the misconceptions of Mexican drug cartel violence in Baja and "set the record straight". Since the media has started to focus on violence and unrest on the U.S.-Mexico border, most of which doesn't affect the Baja area at all, businesses have closed and houses have gone on the market.

Read the rest of the article to see how the Baja Image Committee is changing perceptions.

Retiring in Mexico: Answers to a Few Important Questions

Here's a post on a few of the 3 best places to retire abroad in Mexico, that also answers a few great questions on home buying and living in Mexico.

Tacos El Iván: The Best Tacos in Sayulita

There's a wide variety of places that offer authentic Mexican meals but none like Tacos El Iván, which offers the best of the best in Mexican tacos in the town of Sayulita.

Great Work-at-Home Jobs for Retirees

Some people find retirement to be best time of their lives; being able to do the things they've always wanted to do, learn things they've always wanted to learn, go places they've always wanted to go...but for others, retirement can be, well, just plain boring-not to mention put a strain on your personal economy. If you're in good health and think this would be a good personal choice (working in retirement has many mental and physical health benefits), read this article full of ideas on how you can start working from home in retirement. If you have any questions on how this could apply to working from overseas, feel free to leave me your inquiries below.

Turtle Nesting Begins in Banderas Bay

Have you ever heard of the Olive Ridley turtle? This turtle, also known as the “Golfina” (Lepidochelys olivacea) turtle is popular in the Puerto Vallarta area and especially on Banderas Bay where in July it comes out (or comes in) in order to nest its eggs.

Regardless of the fact that tourist season has ended, there is still a great risk that many of these turtles not make it- the life expectancy for these turtles is very low. Increased development added to more and more poaching activities, lead to great threats for this beautiful, tranquil, leather-backed reptile.

Read about how The Sociedad Ecologica de Occidente works to conserve the turtle nesting grounds.

New AARP Internet Radio Player

If you have a hard time finding music from our time, good oldies, soothing jazz, or classic rock...welcome the new, free service from AARP: the AARP Internet Radio Player. The best part is you can listen right from your computer, while reading the paper, looking at your favorite webpages online, and from anywhere in the world, including Riviera Nayarit.

As AARP puts it: The new radio player has been programmed with 18 music stations specifically for visitors. Whatever your taste — rock, R&B, country, jazz, classical, Latin, gospel — there’s a station for you, full of classics, favorites and handpicked fresh sounds. It’s easy to use and it’s free.

Go here to click on link that will launch the Internet Radio Player