Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cancun Mexico: Baby Boomers Retire to 5-Star Resorts

“We could have retired comfortably in the U.S.”, says one retiree, 67, “But we live four to five times better down here (in Cancun).”

It seems that for many seniors, now retiring is about finding the right value destination: a place that is not only more inexpensive but that includes good medical resources and also supports healthy living in the same way you would expect it at home. The new trend seems to be vacation resorts that also provide condo-ownership opportunities. This is the ideal setting for Baby Boomers, leaving them with all of the necessary amenities of a home, with an improved location and less things to worry about. It also happens to fit better the needs of the owners, and the rest of the family members when visiting.

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