Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Vacationers in Mexico

Mexico is still as safe as ever, even though the drug war is affecting Mexico's delicate image in the media. Recently, at a travel industry fair in Las Vegas, Calderon tried to convince American tour operators that tourists were safe in Mexico.

'Tourism has been absolutely untouched by the clashes,' says Lee Kraft, German honorary consul in the Acapulco district of Guerrero. 'It is really sad - the negative headlines make people forget that the Mexicans are full of life, show great hospitality and are very likable. Nothing about this has changed.'

It's true. It has been said many times before that the tourist areas of Mexico are safe, and go unaffected by the violence at the border. There are plenty of tourists that still travel to Mexico and have the same experience they would in any other conditions. Click here to read the entire article and please leave me your comments below.

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