Monday, June 13, 2011

Great Book for Inspiration: Retirement Tales

Retirement Tales: Two Gringos Living in Mexico by Charlie Montemayor

Join Charlie Montemayor and his wife Carole in his Retirement Tales - Two Gringos Living in Mexico. Charlie and Carole moved to Guanajuato, Mexico in 1995. From the time they start to pack for their move to Mexico, until the present, Charlie makes it a point to send stories to family and friends in the States through a newsletter that chronicles their adventures. The family and friends start passing the newsletters around to share the interesting and funny anecdotes with friends and soon the newsletters become something that all of the readers treasure.

Retirement Tales- Two Gringos Living in Mexico is a collection of the best of the articles from their newsletter. Not only is the book amusing, but it provides practical information on living in Mexico, the experience of building a house in Guanajuato, living costs and government regulations, things you need to know, all done with insightful wisdom about the country, and a friendly view of our neighbour to the south. This book is deemed instructive, interesting, and hilarious.

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