Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hostal Lolita: Charming New Hotel Opens for Budget Conscience Travelers

From El Sayulero

More and more budget conscious travellers are choosing friendly and affordable accomodations in hostels that have recently opened in Sayulita, Mexico. Hostal Lolita located on the south side of town just one block from the main bus stop offers guests comfortable beds, cheerful decoration throughout, bathroom and shower facilities all at a reasonable price and in an ideal location (two blocks from the beach) for only $15 USD per night.

Hostels, originally very popular in Europe, are now found all over the world. Sayulita, Mexico is no exception. At Hostal Lolita you'll be able to enjoy plenty of outdoor space: patios and terraces and lounging areas. Coming soon to the newly renovated and newly opened hostel will be a vegetarian restaurant located upstairs which will be open to guests and the public.

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