Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New FDA Rules for Sunscreen

I have very light skin and am always careful to put lots of sunscreen on, especially when on vacation. Looking through the AARP website, I just found out that the FDA has passed new rules for SPF so consumers will be able to "see more realistic SPF ratings".

Now sunscreens that test SPF 15 or higher will be able to claim they help prevent sunburn and protect against skin damage, while those sunscreens with a SPF of 15 or below will only be able to claim that they help prevent sunburn.

The article also says that the FDA will ban sunscreen manufacturers from claiming their products are waterproof and sweatproof — because none of them really are. Also, they won't be able to call sunscreens “sunblocks” anymore, since it's an exaggeration of what sunscreen can do.

Get all the details on which sunscreens will be good for you, here.

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