Monday, June 13, 2011

Youth Soccer Club in Puerto Vallarta

Gilberto Briseño started a youth soccer club in Puerto Vallarta last year. Now in it's second year, and only after the children's first season playing together, the teams advanced all the way to the quarter finals in the Torneo Municipal, the city-wide finals.

"These types of tournaments help us to improve on so many levels,” Gilberto explains. “It’s a real eye-opener for our kids who have never been outside of Puerto Vallarta to play against teams from other places in Mexico, as well as the U.S.”

“Every time I ask the kids what their goals are they always reply [that they want to] win the championship and to one day be a professional player,” Gilberto laughs. “But even if they do not go further with soccer careers, I believe they are learning discipline and sportsmanship, conduct that will help them in school and work.”

You can read more about the soccer team here.

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