Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reasons to Retire in Mexico: #1

Here is the first of many reasons to retire in Mexico, via EFAM:

Weather, Nature and Beaches

The weather varies from region to region in Mexico. It’s a large country, and retirees can choose slightly warmer or slightly cooler locations, but one point true for all the favorite retirement locations on the beachfront; the weather is warm all year round. Most areas have a rainy season, but it is definitely not cold, and it’s rare that the sun is hidden for more than a day. This “near-perfect climate” is ideal for enjoying the beach, outdoor activities or even keeping a garden.

Michael Green of Puerto Vallarta describes weather from October to June as “warm, sunny days, cool evenings, and a gentle breeze. A running joke I have with my friends,” he continues, “is whether it could be more perfect if it were one degree cooler or one degree warmer! We have still not reached a consensus.”

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