Monday, September 26, 2011

Retirement Communities Abroad: Top Pick for 2011

And the #1 Pick for Expat Communities Abroad is: Ajijic, Mexico.

Ajijic, and the area of Lake Chapala, Mexico, is a number one retirement haven abroad due to its organization and development, where the retiree can find a host of services like those at home, along with a large English-speaking community that can double as a support system abroad. According to this U.S. News report, the Lake Chapala area hosts the most developed expat community in the world. The Lake Chapala Society reports about that about 4,000 Americans and Canadians reside in Chapala proper. The Mexican government, meanwhile, estimates that nearly 20,000 expats reside full-time in the state of Jalisco, the region where Lake Chapala sits.

In other words, the path has been cut for you. "Moving here, you could slide into a way of life not dramatically different from the life you left behind in the States[...]Retiring to Ajijic, you could make a very comfortable life for yourself in a place that’s exotic, beautiful, safe, and very affordable."

Seniors and retirees who have decided to explore this route have discovered that it's possible to live comfortably on less than $50 per day (U.S. dollars), including housing, food, transportation, entertainment and hobbies. Another reason that retirement havens are so popular is because of the easily accessible, quality medical facilities that give expats a sense of ease.

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