Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mexico Is the Best Place to Retire On a Budget

With the high cost of living in America along with high healthcare costs, many soon to be retirees don't have the option of early retirement and those retire at the retirement age end up having to live frugally to make ends meet. An attractive option for more retirees these days is moving abroad to retire and Expat Info Desk lists the 5 best countries for US citizens to retire on a budget.

Not surprisingly, the country that appears on the list is Mexico with its close proximity to the US, affordable and comprehensive healthcare, high value received for cost of living, and variety of climates to suit any retiree's taste. Expat Info Desk also lists the average cost for healthcare, the amount of money per month that allows retirees to live comfortably, so be sure to read their retiring in Mexico snapshot.

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