Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ensenada Wineries in Mexico

Looking for wineries in Mexico?

Mexbound.com gives their favorite two wineries in Mexico.
  1. Bodegas de Santo Tomas: This is Mexico's oldest winery. They give tours where individuals can witness the process of wine creation and aging. You will also be able to taste more than 26 different wines with varities of breads and cheeses. (tel. (01152646) 174-0836, (01152646) 174-0829, fax (01152646) 178-3601)
  2. Cavas Valmar: This is a small winery in Ensenada. Many of the wines are exported to the United States and Europe. (tel/fax (01152646) 178-6405. Calle Ambar #810 & Riveroll in Ensenada.)

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