Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Discover the Butterflies of the Zihuatanejo Area

Via Another Day in Paradise:

"Until recently, only fifty-nine species of butterflies had been formally cataloged by naturalists working in the Zihuatanejo area early in the twentieth century, but thanks to an ambitious college thesis project by Mexico City biology major Ana Luisa Figueroa, that number is up to 155 and still climbing."

"There are but six families in Mexico’s butterfly world, Ana told me, and the most diverse are the brushfoots, one species being the popular Monarch. Zihuatanejo has about fifty kinds of brushfoots. The most entertaining variety I saw were the Gray Crackers, who make a crackling noise when they play with each other in the air."

Click here to read more about the fascinating species of butterflies that inhabit the Zihuatanejo area and see beautiful pictures like the one above.

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