Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Heartfelt Account of Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Read this account of an American couple that recall their many trips to Zihuanatejo, a traditional, enchanting fishing town: "[When we visit Mexico] We merely skim the surface, but we try not to apply our own standards and preconceptions on what we see. The past five years we have stayed in Zihuatanejo, a fishing village of about 80,000 on the west coast, a couple of hours north of Acapulco."

"We usually stop at Cafe Casa, a small restaurant in a courtyard on Calle Adelita, run by a couple from Oregon, Johnny and Lorna who moved to Zihuatanejo and opened a bed and breakfast. [...] While we love the mercado and shopping in the tiny shops and stalls there [, for many visitors it's a trying experience (especially if your Spanish isn't up to the banter). Now there is a new outlet in Zihua"...Click here to read more about the good life this couple describes in Zihuanatejo.

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